Skate Sharpening

A good blade sharpening begins with the individual sharpening them. Very few rink pro-shops will sharpen freestyle skates because of the time and precision accuracy required to sharpen them. As a result, figure skaters sometimes travel great distances to an outside source to have them sharpened.

To be a good skate sharpener requires a keen eye for detail, steady hands, and many hours of practice on a sharpening machine. Sometimes it can take several months or even longer for an individual to perfect their technique to an acceptable level of consistent quality.

Skaters need to be wary of anyone offering to sharpen their skates for free. Chances are that person has just purchased a new sharpening machine and can’t wait to begin impressing everyone with their newly acquired knowledge, which oftentimes doesn’t reflect experience. It takes many hours of practice before an individual becomes comfortable with their machine. Just like anything else, if you don’t use it, you lose it! Having only a few hours of practice in no way qualifies anyone to be, “A Skilled Skate Sharpener”.

Mr. Edge has over 40 years of sharpening experience and guarantees that every sharpening will last 4-6 weeks and sometimes longer depending on the type of steel your blades are made out of. Blades made of stainless steel will most often times last up to twice as long when sharpened correctly as compared to carbon steel blades.

Sharpening is done on a first come first serve basis unless an appointment has been made in advance. If you have more than 1 pair to be sharpened, allow at least 10 minutes for each pair.

Current in Store Sharpening Prices (per pair):  
Paramount and Ultima Matrix Blades: $32.00
All Other Freestyle Blades: $30.00
Figure Skate Blades (learn to skate/all-purpose blades): $14.00
Hockey Skate Blades: $12.00
Goalie Skate Blades: $14.00
New and/or Rusted Blades: $15.00

If mailing in skates to be sharpened, include the following information on a separate piece of paper tucked into either boot:

Full Address: (designate home or business)
Phone Number: (easiest number to reach you at)
E-mail Address:
Information on the services you request

A return shipping fee of $20.00 should be added to the sharpening cost. You can either include a check made out to Geppetto’s Skate Shop or a Geppetto’s employee will call you for a credit card number.

2 thoughts to “Skate Sharpening”

  1. Hello,
    I just bought my daughter the Riddell Emerald 19 size 12.5

    Does it need to be sharpened 1st?

    She tried them on, on the ice, it looks like she was slipping.

    Please give me an opinion and answer, I would gladly appreciate it.

    Thank you

    1. Brand new skates definitely need to be sharpened. They are not properly sharpened from the factory for shipping and storage purposes. Some companies will even put a thin film of oil or some other kind of material on the bottom of the blade to prevent them from being damaged or rusting while they are being stored.

      This would explain why your daughter was slipping a bit on the ice. Have the skates sharpened as soon as possible. Great question, and thank you for visiting the website.

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