Figure Skate Repairs

Some Skate repairs are best left to the manufacturer or even a shoe repair shop to be completed due to the equipment needed to perform the repair.

Repairs such as boot relining or complete new heels and soles are best left to the manufacturer or shoe repair shop.

The following repairs can be done at Geppetto’s:

  • Plug old holes and reseal boot bottoms
  • Level soles and heels before mounting blades 
  • Glue down loose tongue linings
  • Replace old insoles
  • Minor arch build-up corrections to insoles

If, in our opinion we are unable to repair your skates, we will advise you as to the proper place to bring or send them too.

2 thoughts to “Figure Skate Repairs”

  1. I live in Massachusetts and have an old pair of figure skates and my lining in disintegrating. Would you have the ability to reline them? Happy to pay to ship them out. They have some sentimental value, but I would like to keep using them if possible.
    Thank you for your time.

    Thank you for you time.

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