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Geppetto’s Skate Shop is a retail store specializing in ice figure skate boots, blades, and sharpening for both the beginner and serious competitive skater. We also carry accessories such as blade guards, soakers, tights, knee highs, and more. We are an “Authorized Dealer” of Riedell, Jackson, Harlick, Edea, and SP Teri. All orders are placed directly through the manufacturer and delivered to us as fast as possible. Geppetto’s Skate Shop does not sell any figure skating clothing, i.e. skirts, warm-ups, or competitive dresses.

Due to the nature and importance of how boots should fit, we carry very little stock inventory on hand. We believe every foot to be as different as one’s unique personality and should be treated as such. This means every boot ordered is specially placed just for you and your skating needs. Mr. Edge has been fitting and sharpening skates since 1978 and believes in the importance of injury prevention. One way for skaters to avoid injury is by having a properly fitted boot, correct blade mounting, and proper sharpening throughout their entire skating career.


Edea, Harlick, Riedell, and Jackson. We at Geppetto’s believe these to be the premiere boot manufacturers in the world. Edea, Jackson, and Riedell make boots for the beginner up to Olympic-level skaters while Harlick and SP-Teri manufacture upper-level competitive boots only.


Prices can range from $85.00 for a boot and blade combination to over $1000.00 for a boot only. Geppetto’s is the leading authority in which is the best cost-effective product for any level skater to be in. All options will be discussed and Geppetto’s will always give you those options, or not sell you anything. The choice is entirely yours.                            


Geppetto’s sells blades suited for every level of skating. From beginner to champion requires having the proper blade for your current level of skating.

Geppetto’s sells only the most popular brands and models of blades. Those that over time, have proven themselves reliable under the high demands and extreme usage by world champions.

MK, Wilson, Paramount, Eclipse, and Ultima manufacture blades for all levels of skating. 


Choosing the Proper Blades

So just how do skaters decide which blades are right for them? With more than fifty blades from which to choose, this is undoubtedly a good question. One approach would be to follow the manufacturers’ recommendations, but that can be confusing to skaters because of the many choices and because of the price differences among blades that can be used for the same level of skating.

Beginning freestyle skaters will be well-served by a less costly blade, while intermediate and higher-level skaters will require a more expensive model. Reflected in the blade cost is the quality of steel, edge hardening, pick size, plating quality, and weld-point strength.


Commonly Asked Questions About Blades:

True or False: Once a skater begins jumps and spins, it’s time to upgrade to an entry-level freestyle blade?

True! Skaters who do not upgrade to a beginning freestyle blade when attempting basic jumps and spins often find themselves having to repeat classes.

More ice time means that a skater will quickly excel to the next level and should not worry about having to upgrade their blades.

A skater will always excel faster with more ice time, which is why it’s important to upgrade blades when necessary. Failing to upgrade to the next-level blade makes it more difficult to perform higher-level jumps and spins.


True or False: Blades with aggressive toe picks and a good rocker profile only benefit higher test-level skaters.

False! While more aggressive toe picks are primarily used by skaters working on double and triple jumps, it is just as important that beginning and intermediate freestyle skaters have toe picks that are larger than those that come on learn-to-skate blades. A good rocker profile is equally important for every level of freestyle skating, making it easier to take off, land jumps, and center spins.

True or False: Skate blades should be long enough so they extend end to end or slightly overhang the edge of the heels.
False. While more aggressive toe picks are primarily used by skaters working on double and triple jumps, it is just as important that beginning and intermediate freestyle skaters have toe picks that are larger than those that come on learn-to-skate blades. A good rocker profile is equally important for every level of freestyle skating, making it easier to take off, land jumps, and center spins.
True or False: Skate blades should be long enough so they extend end to end or slightly overhang the edge of the heels.
Both! Blades for younger skaters are usually purchased longer than needed so they can be used on the next pair of boots. For beginning freestyle skaters, this doesn’t appear to present any problems. Troubles may begin with intermediate-level skaters or higher. Timing is critical at this skating level, and it’s very important that the fit of boot and blade be exact.
Note: Blade balance and condition also should be taken into consideration. Remember, the longer the boot, the longer the blade requirement. Unless both the boot and blade size are accurate, timing on takeoffs and landings will be off, resulting in flat or two-footed landings; falls on jumps will be more frequent; and spins will be more difficult to enter, and will be slower. Very dull or worn-out blades with very little rocker profile also can cause the same problems. Sharpening and replacing blades regularly will allow a skater to maintain confidence.
True or False: I’m considered an advanced-level skater now, and someone said I should switch to a different blade even though mine is working just fine for me.
False! The truth is that unless skaters are able to skate on every blade model, one really doesn’t know how well a particular blade may or may not be working for them. What works well for one skater won’t necessarily work for another. Skaters who have perfected their axel and are working more aggressively on doubles have reached the point where they need to choose a high-test blade. Over time, a skater becomes used to how a particular blade performs, and inherently knows what technique changes to make if problems arise.

Boot and Blade Recommendations

No matter which sport you choose to participate in, having the proper equipment should be your number one priority. Those new to figure skating assume that any pair of skates will work just fine. Nothing could be further from the truth.

For help in deciding which boots and blades to choose for your particular level of skating, Mr. Edge and Geppetto’s has taken a number of factors into consideration and came up with the following recommendations. Keep in mind that these are guidelines that we follow when fitting skaters and that they do not necessarily reflect the opinion of other the manufacturers or other pro-shops. 

Taken into Consideration Are the Following

  • Cost
  • Value
  • Product quality
  • Life expectancy
  • Trade-in value

When purchasing figure skates, you will get what you pay for up to a point! After that, knowing which boot and blade to choose may be nothing more than a lateral move at a much higher price.

Knowing which blade and/or boots to choose can save skaters hundreds, if not thousands of dollars over the course of their skating career.

Recent advances in technology have allowed companies to produce far superior products than in the past. Some have outsourced these capabilities to Asian manufacturers providing a better product at a lesser price to the skater.  

Product Quality
New computer technology in CNC laser cutting and steel manufacturing has paved the way for more advanced hi-test blades to be produced at a lesser cost. Paramount SK8S and Ultima are two companies to have made use of such technology; producing high-quality lightweight stainless steel blades.

Boot design hasn’t changed for years until Edea entered the North American market with its sleek Euro lightweight design. Currently, Edea has become one of the premiere boots desired by competitive skaters across the globe.  

Life Expectancy
Ice conditions, number of times sharpened, level of skating, proper care, fit of boot, blade mounting, and weight all play a role in how long a skaters blades and boots will last.

Girls’ feet will grow until about age 13 ½, while boys’ feet may continue to grow until around age 18. Between the ages of 9 and 12, girls will have anywhere from ½ – 1 ½ size growth spurt almost overnight. Boys on the other hand can have as many as three growth spurts in one year.

Younger skaters who are just beginning with the basics or beginning freestyle will be able to skate just fine in a skate that is ½ size longer than their exact size measurement. It is not until your reach the intermediate freestyle level and above that a much more accurate fit is required.

Trade-in Value
Something to consider when purchasing skates is what their trade-in value may be worth. Skates costing under $75.00 usually have no trade in value simply because there is very little support in them or that they are better suited for outdoor usage and not learning the proper basics of figure skating.

Mr. Edge & Geppettos’ Boot and Blade Recommendations 

Learn to Skate Boot and Blade Combinations:
Riedell Opal for youth sizes 8 thru 13
Riedell Emerald for youth sizes 10 thru 13
Riedell 33/133 Diamond with Onyx blade for sizes 1 and up
Jackson Mystique 1491 with Mark IV blade for child’s sizes up to 3½
Jackson Artiste 1790-91 with Mark IV blade for both children and adults
Note: Riedell makes the widest boot in both youth and junior sizes


Beginning Freestyle Boot and Blade Combinations:
Riedell 33/133  Diamond with Ultima Mirage or Aspire XP blade for all child and adult sizes
Riedell 23/223 Stride with Ultima Mirage or Aspire XP blade for all child and adult sizes
Jackson 2130 Elle with Mirage blade for sizes 4 and above
Note: Boots and blades can be purchased separately. If a skater does not fit well into one particular brand of boot, they have the option to purchase a separate boot and blade. When doing so, expect to pay a remounting fee. Here at Geppetto’s, we constantly switch boots and blades around in order to provide the best possible fit for the beginner and beginning freestyle skater; all at an affordable cost to the skater.


Intermediate Freestyle up to Axle:
Note: By the time a skater reaches this level, they are usually very serious about their skating, and it becomes necessary to purchase a boot that fits as best as possible in order to avoid potential injury. Skaters at this level have proven to do well in the following:
Riedell 23-223 Stride with choice of blade for both children and adults
Riedell 25 – 225 Motion with choice of blade for both children and adults
Jackson 2130 Elle with choice of blade for both children and adults
Jackson 2190 Freestyle with choice of blade for adult sizes 4 and up
Jackson 2450 Debut with choice of blade for adult sizes 4 and up
Jackson 2800 Premiere with choice of blade for adult sizes 4 and up
Note: Very young children or those skating no more than 2-3 hours a week and are not competing can have a fun and enjoyable learning experience with a less supportive boot which fits about a half size larger than what their exact size would be. Skaters that fall into this category do well with the following:
Riedell 33/133 Diamond with choice of blade for both children and adults
Riedell 223 Stride for adult sizes 4 and up
Jackson 2130 Elle for adult sizes 4 and up
Jackson 2190 Freestyle for adult sizes 4 and up


Intermediate Freestyle Blades:
Ultima Protegé
Ultima Legacy 7 or 8
Wilson Coronation Ace
MK Professional


Intermediate Freestyle-Lightweight Blades
Paramount C12, C27, or CA, or SA
Ultima Matrix Legacy
Wilson Revolution Coronation Ace


Hi-Test/Advanced Freestyle Boot Recommendations:

Note: There is no one particular boot style or model that will fit everyone’s foot the same because all feet differ in physical characteristics and structure. As a result, Mr. Edge and Geppetto’s will not recommend any one particular boot without first measuring and examining a skater’s foot. Some of the more popular Hi-Test boot models we might suggest are:

Edea Ice Fly or Piano
Harlick Competitor or Competitor Plus semi-custom
Jackson 5200 Elite
Riedell 435 Bronze


Hi-Test/Advanced Freestyle- Doubles and beyond:
Note: At this level of skating, there is no room for error and both the boot and blade should fit precise. Skater’s feet are very different from one another, and the knowledge of an expert who is familiar with how different boots fit different shapes of feet should be sought after. Custom Boots and Special Make Up Boots may be recommended at this level of skating.


Hi-Test/Advanced Freestyle Blade Recommendations:
Eclipse Infinity
Wilson Pattern 99
Wilson Gold Seal
Ultima Apex Elite
Ultima Apex Freestyle
MK Gold Star
MK Phantom


Hi-Test/Advanced Freestyle Lightweight Blades Recommendeations:
Paramount 420 or 440 P99 or GS
Matrix Supreme, Freestyle or Elite
Wilson Pattern 99 or Phantom Revolution
Mk Gold Star or Phantom Revolution

Blade Guards

Rubber blade guards should be used for walking in only, and not for long-term storage on your blades. Blade guards if used for storage will trap water on the blades, causing the blades to rust and pit. Only use Blade Guards for walking. They come in both one and two-piece models. 

Guard Dog – 1 and 2 piece walking skate guards

Rockerz – 2 piece skate guards

The Rockerz blade guards are highly recommended for Freestyle Blades. The wider blade groove and bigger toe and heel portions of the Rockerz Skate Guards accommodate the larger toe picks and bigger blade sizes quite easily.

Soakers/Blade Covers

Terry cloth soakers are to be used for long-term storage as they will absorb any remaining water or condensation remaining on the blades after they have been wiped them down. Soakers are not made for walking in as they are very unstable and will quickly tear along the bottoms. Blade covers come in a wide variety of colors and designs.


Skate laces come in both all nylon and a cotton/nylon blend 50/50. All nylon laces tend to stretch and loosen up quickly while 50/50 laces will hold tighter while skating. All nylon laces are good to use for breaking in new skates as they will allow the skater to bend much easier. After breaking in new skates, it is recommended that a skater switch to the 50/50 blend laces.

All Nylon & 50/50 Blend. Available in white or black. Sizes: 81″, 90″, 108″, 112″, 120″, 134″, 146″

Gel Ankle Sleeves

Gel ankle sleeves have many different uses, not only for figure skaters, but the general public as well. Figure skaters whose ankle bones are hurting will find relief from their pain when placing them around their ankles. They can also be used to help take up room in the ankle area of a skating boot or be used to snug up the heel area in a boot.

Aside from skating, ankle sleeves can be used around the forearm of an individual suffering from a radial nerve problem. The pressure that the ankle sleeve applies while on the forearm helps to hold the radial nerve in place, thus reducing some of the numbness or tingling sensation that people sometimes feel in their fourth and fifth fingers.

Skating Tights and Socks

Mondor Tights Styles:

3310 – Footed, Suntan color, junior & adult sizes, lightweight

(primarily used for competitions/testing)

3395 – Footed, Suntan color, junior & adult sizes, heavy weight

(used for practice skating, warmer tight)

3393 – Footless, Suntan color, junior & adult sizes, heavy weight

(barefoot skating, or worn with knee highs)

3396 – Over the boot (no feet), Suntan color, junior & adult sizes, heavy weight, velcro fasteners

(competition, testing, exhibition, worn with knee highs or for barefoot skating)

Knee-Hi socks are also available: suntan color only

All tights and Knee-Hi’s come in children and adult sizing and are available year round.

Skate Tape

Skate tape is used primarily by Synchro teams needing to change the color of their skates so each team has a uniform look when competing. 

Skate tape comes in black and white (narrow and wide). Skate taping is also available for an additional charge.


Lace Tighteners

The tool for tightening skates that has been around for over 100 years. Makes lacing up those skates easy with the “T” handle design, and the beveled hook will not rip the laces. Just hook, pull, and tighten!


Keep warm on the ice with these stretchy, one size fits all gloves. They come in a variety of colors. Seasonal item, only available fall through spring while supplies last.

Stink-eez Pals Skate Fresheners

Tired of your car trunk smelling like a gym locker room? Afraid of clearing the room when you take your skates off after practice? Embarassed by that stench coming from your sports bag? We have a fun and easy way to remedy these problems! Stink-eez have a powerful non-toxic desiccant that ensure your shoes and skates stay dry and odor-free preventing them from stinking up the house and/or car.

Available in assorted scents and colors and shapes. Scents include: Lavender, Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Peppermint.

Stink-eez are a fun shoe and boot deodorizer that also remove moisture from the interior of athletic footwear.

Transpack Ice Skating Bags

The perfect skating bag for any level ice skater.

  • Function: Isosceles Storage System™ carries skates, helmet and gear.

  • Fabric: Durable and tough, water resistant coated 600 denier polyester.

  • Side skate pockets with air/water
    drainage grommets.

  • Coated water resistant central compartment
    for gear.

  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps.

  • Internal zipper pocket for personal items.

  • Double locking, self repairing nylon coil zippers.

  • Mesh vents on top of each side skate pocket.

  • Volume: 2000 cu. in. / 33 L

“Save Your Energy For The Rink. Lightweight and Rugged, the ICE Will Get Your Skates and Gear to the Rink in Comfort and Style”

Don’t see a color or pattern you want? Just ask. We can get any Transpack Ice bag you want as long as it is available.

A Near-Barefoot Skating Experience.
The Thinnest Skating Sock. Period.

Thinees skating socks come in a variety of colors to match your team, club, mood, or simply your personal preference. The common denominator of our sani socks is their immense comfort, four-way stretch ability, and deliverance of a near-barefoot skating experience.

Boot Insoles

What may be comfortable for someone else, may not be comfortable for you. The importance of a properly fitting skate includes having the right insole inside the skate for you. Come to Geppetto’s Skate Shop to get the best and proper fitting knowledge. Feeling comfortable feet is believing!

Used Skates

We have a decent selection of used skates to help save you some money. We take used skates in on trade-in for store credit. Our used skate inventory is based off of what the customers have traded in. 

Ice Skating Boot Covers

One size fits all boot covers. Use to protect your boots from scrapes and scuffs, or use for that next exhibition or ice show. Limited stock available. White, Black, or Tan is usually in stock. Other colors by request only.