Preventing Boot and Foot Odor

One of the most common problems skaters and everyone in general are faced with is foot, shoe, and skate boot odor. Some might argue as to where the odor came from first: wearing your boots or shoes for too long or just having stinky feet in general.

Although everyone’s feet do sweat, the amount secreted by the sweat glands varies for each individual. Add to this bacterium and dead skin cells, which are also released during the sweating process, and you now have a great recipe for stinky, smelly boots and feet.

Take heart though for there are several things you can do to help reduce or eliminate altogether the odor from your boots and feet. Try any or all of the suggestions below and see if any of them work for you………..

  • Wash feet daily with an antibacterial soap. Scrub feet thoroughly using a soft brush to remove the dead skin cells. Also scrub between your toes as well.
  • Completely dry feet after washing. Use a hair dryer if necessary. Apply foot specific antiperspirants or antibacterial gels to your feet to control moisture and bacterial growth. Antifungal powder can also be applied to help prevent athlete’s foot (see your personal physician for recommendations).  
  • Wear absorbent cotton socks rather than nylon socks, which don’t absorb sweat very well. Change your socks at least daily and twice a day if necessary.
  • During your daily routine, wear shoes that breathe: sandals or those made from mesh or canvas. Bacteria love warm moist dark places in which to grow and these types of shoes help to prevent bacterial growth.
  • After your day is over, remove the insoles from both your shoes and skates and allow them to air. Usually, 24-36 hours is a good drying time. Also loosen up the laces on your skates and pull your tongue forward to allow the inside of your boots to dry.
  • Try using dryer sheets such as Bounce or any other brand. Just tear them off and place them in your shoes or skate boots.

Well folks, there you have it…………enjoy and good luck with those little stinker’s!