New Technology

Over the years Mr. Edge has always been on the lookout for new products and technology. On this page skaters can find out what’s new in the industry; products, technology, and other relevant news as well.



12 years ago skate blades took a quantum leap forward when Paramount Sk8S introduced hi-wear resistant 420 and 440 stainless steel blades into the marketplace. Housed in lightweight aluminum, Paramount SK8S became the lightest weight blades on the market, leaving all the other blade manufacturers stunned in disbelief.

Not knowing what to expect from such lightweight blades, coaches were very hesitant at first to endorse such a unique product with all its claims seeming too good to be true…… forward to the present and let’s take a look at what everyone has discovered about Paramount SK8S lightweight blades:


  • Greater and longer edge bite
  • More speed with less effort
  • Greater height on jumps
  • Faster spins
  • Less sharpening required
  • Greater accuracy of the blade profile
  • Vast array of colors to coordinate with skating outfits
  • Almost no breakage and chipping along the blade edges
  • Choice of radius profile and toe pick……….Paramount can take any of the top 3 radius profiles; Gold Seal, Pattern 99, or Phantom and place it on any of their blades

Is there anything else I might have left out as to the advantages of these blades? Perhaps not except to say that shortly afterwards other manufacturers have come out with lightweight blades as well. Jackson/Ultima has their Matrix blade line and Wilson/MK their Revolution blades. No matter which lightweight blade you may choose, the advantages are many with almost no downside.