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Wilson Revolution Blades – Lightweight
Revolution Coronation Ace
The Coronation Ace Revolution is essentially a progression of the classic Coronation Ace. With the addition of carbon fibre technology this new combination blade is lighter and more flexible but also more durable than the traditional version. 7' Rocker.
Revolution Pattern 99
The Pattern 99 Revolution is what happens when you let time-honoured craftsmen take the highest quality blade and fuse it with carbon fibre technology. The result is without comparison - this is simply the finest lightweight precision blade on the planet. 8' Rocker.
Revolution Gold Seal
The Gold Seal Revolution retains all the qualities of the traditional blade but now benefits from carbon fibre technology with extra flexibility and weight reduction. The new benchmark for free skaters is here. 8' Rocker.




Wilson Dance Blade
Wilson Coronation Dance
The Coronation Dance is John Wilson’s premier dance and synchronized skating option. This blade has a shorter heel to avoid clashing during Mohawks and Choctaws and will also eliminate any unnecessary trip-ups while synchro teams perform in tight formations. The coarse cross-cut picks are widely popular and are identical to the Coronation Ace toe picks which give this blade a lot of versatility as the demands of both dance and synchronized skating continue to develop. 7' Rocker.




Wilson Freestyle Blades
Wilson Coronation Ace
A skater moving up in skill will appreciate the responsiveness of the 7 ft rocker profile and, due to its coarse cross-cut tooth configuration, this option is highly recommended by international coaches for its reliability when learning new components. It is precision hardened to offer a strong skating edge and was used by many Olympic, World and National Champions early in their careers. If you are leaving a boot/blade combination set and plan on developing your axel and double jumps, this is our recommended option.
Wilson Pattern 99
The Pattern 99 blade is no stranger to the podium. It is one of the most popular profiles in the world as it consistently delivers maximum performance to high-end freestyle skaters. The primary 8 ft radius works wonderfully for Japanese sensation Shoma Uno who uses the Pattern 99’s tapered top toe pick for precision toe spotting on explosive jumps. This blade is ‘the real McCoy’ – it’s not comparable to anything, it’s not similar to anything, it’s the original. If you’re emerging as an elite level skater with powerful jumps and seek more control by being lower to the ice, this blade is undoubtedly your best option in our range – just ask our very own Shoma Uno.
 8' Rocker.
Wilson Gold Seal
The Gold Seal won more Olympic medals than any other model at PyeongChang 2018. Coincidence? We think not. Perhaps the most widely recommended blade by Russian coaches, this blade delivers for freestyle and pairs skaters seeking an optimal spinning experience. Due to its higher heel stanchion, unique compound radius and tapered/hollow ground features, skaters report experiencing effortless spins and control in their footwork sequences and edge jumps. Trusted and worn by Evgenia Medvedeva. 8' Rocker.


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  1. Hi there, I was wondering do you guys sell both Edea Chorus boot and the Edea Charme blade? I’m an adult interesting in starting to skate, so I wanted to get a decent boot and blade while not too excessive. Thank you for your help in advance!

    1. We are an Edea Authorized Dealer, so we can get any Edea boot you are interested in. We would need you to come in for a fitting appointment so we can measure to ensure you are placed in the proper size boot. You can make an appointment by calling (630)852-2101 during normal business hours. Edea usually takes under 2 weeks to come in after your order is placed.

      As far as the Edea Charme blade, we can order that blade as long as it is still available and has not been discontinued. If that blade is not available we can get any Wilson, MK, or Ultima blade that is available.

      Thank you for your question.

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