Figure Skate Repairs

Some Skate repairs are best left to the manufacturer or even a shoe repair shop to be completed due to the equipment needed to perform the repair.

Repairs such as boot relining or complete new heels and soles are best left to the manufacturer or shoe repair shop.

The following repairs can be done at Geppetto’s:

  • Plug old holes and reseal boot bottoms
  • Level soles and heels before mounting blades 
  • Glue down loose tongue linings
  • Replace old insoles
  • Minor arch build-up corrections to insoles

If, in our opinion we are unable to repair your skates, we will advise you as to the ... 

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Boot Fittings

The importance of a proper boot fitting shouldn’t be underestimated. It is the first line of defense in making sure that the skater has an enjoyable experience while skating; making it easier for them to not only break in their skates but to also achieve their skating goals within a reasonable amount of time.

Geppetto’s Skate Shop is widely known throughout the Midwest for the accuracy of both ... 

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Skate Sharpening

A good blade sharpening begins with the individual sharpening them. Very few rink pro-shops will sharpen freestyle skates because of the time and precision accuracy required to sharpen them. As a result, figure skaters sometimes travel great distances to an outside source to have them sharpened.

To be a good skate sharpener requires a keen ... 

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Boot Taping

  Wide Tape: $15.95 (65 feet to a roll)             Narrow Tape: $14.95 (65 feet to a roll)

Let Geppetto’s Skate Shop tape up your skating boots for the next synchro season or competition. Our expert boot taping includes cleaning the boot thoroughly to ensure the tape sticks and stays on through the competition season, as well ... 

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Boot Polishing

No matter how often a skater is on the ice, when competition time arrives, the skater will always be scrambling to make their skates look clean and presentable. So just how does a skater accomplishment this seemingly impossible task within a very short period of time? 

Mr. Edge’s Boot Polishing Method

White Boots

1. To prevent any polish from running down the sides of the boots, ... 

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Boot Stretching

Using Geppettos’ stretching machine, boots can be stretched almost ½ size in length and a full size or more in width. Heat moldable boots can be done within about an hour while others may need to be left on overnight in order for them to retain the stretch.

Stretching Cost: 
Any Boots:$15.00 per pair
Individual Boot:



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