Paramount Blades


Paramount Blades Freestyle – Stainless Steel


Paramount Blades Freestyle – Carbon Steel



Paramount Blades Dance – Stainless Steel


Paramount Blades – Custom Colors



Up to 50% Lighter and Stronger & More Accuate

When combining Paramount blades with some of the new lightweight boots on the market, a skater can lose up to three pounds per blade/boot combination. Paramount Sk8s are a single extruded piece of diamond shaped aluminum, giving incredible strength to your blades, translating to more power, control as ... 

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Harlick Skating Boots


Harlick – The Finest Quality In Hand Crafted Skating Boots

Buying hand crafted Harlick skating boots assures you of over 70 years of design knowledge, research, and experience built into each boot. Since it’s foundation, Harlick and Company has been the leader in new boot design developments in the skating industry. Our designers continuously work side by side with skaters and ... 

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Product Line

Boot and Blade Recommendations
Blade Guards
Soakers/Blade Covers
Gel Sleeves
Skating Tights
Knee Highs
Skate Tape
Lace Tighteners
Stink-eez Pals Skate Fresheners
Transpack Ice Bags
Thinees Skate Socks
Used Skates
Boot Covers

Geppetto’s Skate Shop is a retail store specializing in ice figure skate boots, blades, and sharpening for both the beginner and serious competitive skater. We also carry accessories such as blade guards, soakers, tights, knee highs and more. We are an “Authorized Dealer” of Riedell, ... 

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