New Technology

Over the years Mr. Edge has always been on the lookout for new products and technology. On this page skaters can find out what’s new in the industry; products, technology, and other relevant news as well.


12 years ago skate blades took a quantum leap forward when Paramount Sk8S introduced hi-wear resistant 420 and 440 stainless steel blades into the marketplace. Housed in lightweight aluminum, ... 

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Using Orthotics

Skaters Benefit from Orthotic Use

  • What are orthotics and when should they be used?
  • What is the difference between an orthotic and a customized insole?
  • At what age or skating level do skater’s need orthotics?
  • Where is the best source to turn too when considering orthotics?
  • Will the same orthotics fit in shoes and skates?
  • How long will my orthotics last?

The age or skating level at which orthotics should be used varies. A better question to ask is whether or not a skater will benefit from them. Foot mechanics involve complex structures and positions. Consisting of 26 bones (Fig. 1), the foot is supported and controlled by ligaments, muscles, and tendons that provide the skater with powerful and precise movements. If proper positioning of these bones ... 

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Appraising Used Skates

One of the most often asked questions around the shop is “How much are my skates worth.”

No matter if it’s just boots or both blades and boots, skating parents are always curious as to how much they should sell their skates for or what the trade in value will be.

Although there is no clear cut method to determine the value of used blades ... 

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Purchasing Skates – New vs. Used

When buying skates for young children it is not always necessary to purchase new ones. Keep in mind that children grow out of their skates very quickly and do not abuse them very much. More often than not parents can find a pair of used children’s skates in excellent condition.

Note: When buying skates for a young child, it is helpful to establish a time line as to when the child last changed shoe sizes. Once this is established, parents will have a good idea of just how long it will be until a new pair of skates is needed. Used skates in size (1) and below sell very quickly and are difficult to find. Larger sizes (5) and above tend to be broken down too much for a competitive skater to use, but recreational skaters on the other hand, have an easier time skating in them.

What to check for in a used skate:

  • Both

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Boot Taping

  Wide Tape: $15.95 (65 feet to a roll)             Narrow Tape: $14.95 (65 feet to a roll)

Let Geppetto’s Skate Shop tape up your skating boots for the next synchro season or competition. Our expert boot taping includes cleaning the boot thoroughly to ensure the tape sticks and stays on through the competition season, as well ... 

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Boot Polishing

No matter how often a skater is on the ice, when competition time arrives, the skater will always be scrambling to make their skates look clean and presentable. So just how does a skater accomplishment this seemingly impossible task within a very short period of time? 

Mr. Edge’s Boot Polishing Method

White Boots

1. To prevent any polish from running down the sides of the boots, ... 

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Ice Maintenance

The Ice Man

By Mark E. Melone

Most people rarely give much thought too, or understand how the ice they skate on is made. To that end allow me to explain and illustrate for you how the entire process is done. This is how to take a bare rink floor like the one below.

  and construct it into the floor that everyone sees as this:  

First, remove all dirt and debris from the floor surface. This can be very easily be done by a team of 5-6 men with brooms sweeping the ... 

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The History of Figure Skating

Whether you’re a competitive skater or just learning how to ice skate, knowing the history of figure skating is essential to understanding the sports’ rules!

How It All Started

Although ice skating has been a popular sport for hundreds of years, figure skating dates back to the late 1700’s in Britain, where skaters performed “compulsory figures”, carving specific figures into the ice. Although ... 

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Preventing Boot and Foot Odor

One of the most common problems skaters and everyone in general are faced with is foot, shoe, and skate boot odor. Some might argue as to where the odor came from first: wearing your boots or shoes for too long or just having stinky feet in general.

Although everyone’s feet do sweat, the amount secreted by the sweat glands varies for each individual. Add to this bacterium and dead skin cells, which ... 

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