SP-Teri Boot Company

News Break:  July 15, 2019


After many decades of service to the figure skating industry Sp-Teri boot company as we know it has come to an end. George Sp-Teri has officially announced his retirement beginning August, 2019.

As of mid-July talks are still underway for the sale of Sp-Teri but no official word has come down from on high. Until we hear otherwise, we can assume for now that SP-Teri has ... 

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Harlick Skating Boots


Harlick – The Finest Quality In Hand Crafted Skating Boots

Buying hand crafted Harlick skating boots assures you of over 70 years of design knowledge, research, and experience built into each boot. Since it’s foundation, Harlick and Company has been the leader in new boot design developments in the skating industry. Our designers continuously work side by side with skaters and ... 

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