Boot Taping

  Wide Tape: $16.95 (65 feet to a roll)             Narrow Tape: $14.95 (65 feet to a roll)

Let Geppetto’s Skate Shop tape up your skating boots for the next synchro season or competition. Our expert boot taping includes cleaning the boot thoroughly to ensure the tape sticks and stays on through the competition season, as well as replacing those old skate laces with brand new ones for that performance ready look! Available colors are white and black. Turn around time is usually just one day. Call or visit us for more information.

Price: $35.00 and includes cleaning the boot for better tape adhesion, taping, and new laces. Minimum one day needed for the service.

For those mom’s, dad’s and skaters who would like to tape the boots themselves, below you will find detailed instructions on how to tape your skating boots.

Synchro skaters often times tape their skates in order to change the color from white to tan or just plain bright white. You can follow the simple directions below in taping your own skates or Geppetto’s will gladly do them for you.

Time is a valuable commodity for most people and taping boots can be a very tedious and time consuming chore were it not for a few simple suggestions listed below. One way to make your boots look professionally done is by using both a narrow and wide roll of skate tape.


Applying Skate Tape

1. Clean boots using either Goo-Be-Gone or Goof-Off and let dry (Fig. 1)

Figure 1

2. Using narrow tape, apply across the front toe area of the boot (Fig. 2)

Figure 2

3. Apply narrow tape around the edges of the boots, coming up 2 levels high (Fig. 3a, 3b). Press the tape firmly down on the boot. Do not tightly stretch the tape when wrapping it around the boot.

Figure 3a
Figure 3b

4. Apply the wide tape around the rest of the boot (Fig. 4) covering up the lace holes, but not the tongue. Again, do not tightly stretch the tape when wrapping it around the boot

Figure 4

5. Apply tape across the tongue starting from the bottom and working up to the top (Fig. 5)

Figure 5

6. Trim off any excess tape as needed during the taping using a razor blade (Fig. 6). You can either leave the hooks covered or exposed

Figure 6

7. Take an awl or some other long sharp round object and punch through the lace holes from the outside in (Fig. 7)

Figure 7

Note: If you look closely at Figures 6 and 7 you will notice 2 different shades of tan tape. This is because of the different dye lots from which each roll was made. To obtain a consistent color throughout, make sure that all the tape colors match.

Removing Glue Residue

Removing the glue residue left on boots from skate tape is very simple and takes no time at all to do. You can either use Goo-Be-Gone or Goof-Off. Follow the  instructions below and see just how easy it really is!

  • Using either Goo-Be-Gone or Goof-Off pour a generous amount on to either a cloth rag or heavy weight paper towel. Either product evaporates very quickly which is why you want to use a large amount.
  • Gently rub away any glue residue from the boots. Re-apply more solvent as needed and always use a clean area on the rag or towel.
  • Allow boots to dry for about 15 minutes before applying any new tape or polish.

Boot Taping Costs per Pair:  
One Price Skate Taping: $35.00/pair
Includes cleaning the boots for better tape adhesion, taping the boots, and new laces. 
Extra Tape: $16.95/(65′ roll – wide)
$14.95/(65′ roll – narrow)

All boots are cleaned prior to taping.

When mailing in skates to be taped, include the following information on a separate piece of paper tucked into either boot:

Full Address: (designate home or business)
Phone Number: (easiest number to reach you at)
E-mail Address:
Information on services requested

A return shipping fee of $20.00 should be added on to the taping cost. You can include a check made out to Geppetto’s Skate Shop or if necessary, a Geppetto’s Skate Shop employee will call for a credit card number.