Heel & Sole Waterproofing

Before any attempt at mounting blades, leather soles, and heels should first be waterproofed. The most commonly used sealant is Sno-Seal. Skaters must keep in mind that leather is not only pliable but very porous and absorbent as well. Sno-Seal, if not applied regularly will not prevent water from eventually soaking into the heels and soles. When this happens, the heels and soles begin to swell up and the blades start to loosen. At this point, it is very common for the mounting screws to begin falling out.

After a few weeks, the soles and heels will need another application of Sno-Seal. It will not be necessary to remove the blades when applying further applications.

Other types of sealants include varnishes and polyurethanes, both of which will give the soles and heels a harder and longer lasting finish. The best results can be achieved by using a commercial grade of polyurethane; the most resistant to wear and tear. Varnish on the other hand, tends to chip, crack, and peel within a short period of time.

Unless otherwise directed, we here at Geppetto’s use a commercial grade of polyurethane to insure that your heels and soles outlast the life of the boot. If you wish, you can also choose to decorate the soles and heels with stickers and/or glitter.

Waterproofing Costs:  
Sno-Seal $50.00
Supercoat $99.00


Note: Sno-Seal takes approximately one day. Super-coating takes three to 4 days depending upon weather and humidity. Cost for both includes a temporary mounting of your blades. A permanent mounting should follow when the skater is sure that the blades are positioned properly.

If you are an in-town customer, the permanent mount will be performed when picking up your skates unless otherwise directed by you or your coach. Out-of-town customers will need to permanently mount the skates themselves.

When mailing in skates to be waterproofed, include the following information on a separate piece of paper tucked into either boot:

Full Address: (designate home or business)
Phone Number: (easiest number to reach you at)
E-mail Address:
Information on services requested

A return shipping fee of $20.00 should be added on to the waterproofing cost. You can include a check made out to Geppetto’s Skate Shop or if necessary, a Geppetto’s employee will call for a credit card number.