Boot Stretching

Using Geppettos’ stretching machine, boots can be stretched almost ½ size in length and a full size or more in width. Heat moldable boots can be done within about an hour while others may need to be left on overnight in order for them to retain the stretch.


Stretching Cost:  
Any Boots: $15.00 per pair
Individual Boot:


Time needed:
24 hours. Skates must be on stretcher overnight to get the best results.

Note: Composition soled boots (non-leather heels and soles) will barely stretch in the length but do well in the width. We therefore can not guarantee that these types of boots will stretch enough to give you the relief you need or had hoped for.

When mailing in skates to be stretched, include the following information on a separate piece of paper tucked into either boot:

Full Address: (designate home or business)
Phone Number: (easiest number to reach you at)
E-mail Address:
Information of services requested

A return shipping fee of $20.00 should be added on to the stretching cost. You can either include a check made out to Geppetto’s Skate Shop or if necessary a Geppetto’s employee will call for a credit card number.

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