Boot Polishing

No matter how often a skater is on the ice, when competition time arrives, the skater will always be scrambling to make their skates look clean and presentable. So just how does a skater accomplishment this seemingly impossible task within a very short period of time? 


Mr. Edge’s Boot Polishing Method

White Boots

1. To prevent any polish from running down the sides of the boots, remove laces and tape around the heels, soles, and blades with masking tape. (Fig. 1)

Figure 1

2. Using a soft cloth or strong paper towel (Fig. 2), clean boot uppers thoroughly with deglazing fluid (available for purchase at most shoe repair shops) or acetone. In order to remove the heavy buildup from previous polishing attempts, use a medium grade scouring pad (Fig. 3).

Note: This may leave bare gray spots on the boots. In the event of any gray areas, a white leather dye must first be applied and allowed to thoroughly dry (Fig. 4).

Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4

At times, a water stain may present itself on the boots as well (Fig. 5) and can be covered over by applying several coats of both leather dye and polish.

Figure 5

3. Using a soft bristled camel, horse, or ox hair brush, apply Harlick polish (my preferred choice) evenly across boots to avoid any cross over patterns (Fig. 6).

Figure 6

4. Let dry for 20-30 minutes and apply a second coat to any areas where the first coat didn’t completely cover. After the second coat has thoroughly dried, (1-2 hours), spray over with a white spray polish and let dry (Fig. 7). About 30-45 minutes.

Figure 7

Optional: If desiring to give the boots a high gloss finished look, spray a light coat of clear boot wax on them. Let dry for about 20-30 minutes.

If the boots are relatively clean and just need a touch up, try this quick 1 hour method: 

White Boots

  • Remove laces and mask off heels, soles, and blades.
  • Clean lightly with deglazing fluid or acetone.
  • Spray boots with white spray polish and let dry 15 minutes.
  • If necessary, spray again and let dry 30 minutes.
  • Spray with boot wax if desired.

Black Boots

  • To prevent any polish from running down the sides of the boots, remove laces and tape around the heels, soles, and blades with masking tape
  • Clean boot uppers thoroughly with deglazing fluid or acetone
  • Rub on black Kiwi polish and let dry five minutes (Fig. 8)
  • Buff boots with shoe brush or a clean soft cloth (Fig. 9)
  • Spray over with either black spray polish or clear spray wax
  • Let dry for one hour

The above process, including drying time takes around 1 hour. A quick method for polishing black boots is to bring them to a shoe repair shop where they can be professionally cleaned and polished in about 10 minutes (Fig. 10).

Figure 8
Figure 9
Figure 10
Boot Polishing Cost:  
White to White: $25.00
Black to Black: $25.00


Note: We only re-polish boots of the same color. We do not change from one color to another because we cannot guarantee that the new color will stay for any length of time. We do not re-polish tan boots because of the many different color shades.

When mailing in skates for re-polishing, include the following information on a separate piece of paper tucked into either boot:

Full Address: (designate home or business)
Phone Number: (easiest number to reach you at)
E-mail Address:
Information on the service requested

A return shipping fee of $20.00 should be added to the cost. You can include a check made out to Geppetto’s Skate Shop or if necessary, a Geppetto’s employee will call for a credit card number.