Blade Mounting

How often does a skater’s blade come loose during practice or while competing and a blade falls off?

Unfortunately, far too many times and always when a skater least expects it. Geppettos’ safe and secure methods for sealing leather soles and heels guarantees that a skater will never need to worry about the blades coming loose, falling off, or the heels and soles of their boots rotting or twisting.

A key factor in avoiding injury is having the proper boot and blade interface. One can’t overlook the significance of maintaining proper balance while skating. In order to maintain balance, it is very important that the blade lay as level as possible across the sole and heel of the boot. If not, a takeoff, landings, spins, and skating in general will be more difficult. It can also lead to chronic lower leg, knee, and back pain, or injury.

The heel and sole plate angles of blades most often do not align themselves perfectly across the boot bottoms. Consequently, it is up to the individual mounting the blades to level the boots.

When trying to level boots, most individuals will use either a plastic or leather wedge inserted under the sole or heel plate of the blade. We believe this is a very insecure way of leveling the blades and instead prefer to level the boot itself; thereby providing a much more level surface on which the blades can be securely mounted. This is all accomplished by using our specialized sanding equipment.

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