Danger Zone: Dangers of Medications by Dr. Robert Weil

Danger Zone: Relying On Pain Medications to Replace Rest and Recovery


By Dr. Robert Weil

The link between drugs and sports runs deep. Drugs and sports have been connected for as long as sports have been played. This includes the whole array of painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, both prescription and over the counter.

One of the concerns I’ve always had, especially at the elite level ... 

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Paying the Price

Back around 2006, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal which seemed to be placing blame on the boot manufacturers for many of the injuries ice skaters often encounter. For any one who’s been around this sport for as long as I have it’s rather obvious that there had been very little to no research done before writing the article.

Allow ... 

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Paramount Blades


Paramount Blades Freestyle – Stainless Steel


Paramount Blades Freestyle – Carbon Steel



Paramount Blades Dance – Stainless Steel


Paramount Blades – Custom Colors



Up to 50% Lighter and Stronger & More Accuate

When combining Paramount blades with some of the new lightweight boots on the market, a skater can lose up to three pounds per blade/boot combination. Paramount Sk8s are a single extruded piece of diamond shaped aluminum, giving incredible strength to your blades, translating to more power, control as ... 

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